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Guitar Chords



Welcome at  This site features a comprehensive list of guitar chords, from a basic level to advanced jazz chords.  These chords have been compiled by a musician, and all of them have been tested for maximum playability.  Just click on the chord signature on the menu, or see our list of All Guitar Chords.


Some of the chords have been indicated as moveable shapes (e.g. C Major, A Major and E Major), and can be used as bar chords (or barre chords) across the neck of the guitar, where the back notes are pressed down with the index finger, and the remaining notes played with the remaining three fingers. 


When we compiled the chords, we tried to avoid chords that necessitate the use of the thumb, although the thumb can be used in many chord shapes.  We also tried to keep the root note of the chord in the bass where ever possible.


Many of the chords can be played in more than one way.  We tried to choose the shape that is the easiest to play.



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Chord Building Theory



It is one thing to have a list of all the chords, but it is another to know how to build chords.  For that you have to know the theory on how chords are put together.  If you understand the principles behind chord building, it will enable you to build any possible chord.  See our Chord Building Article for more info...